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Topics of the Month

This started out to be just a topic a month, but I was asked
not to delete the previous months topic.

November 2000
What is it? Disease is dis ease. The body mind or spirit(or maybe all three) at not at ease. If you can find out the cause of the dis ease then you will be able to find the cure for the disease.

December 2000
We as a universe...
You should consider yourself similar to a universe, with you being at the center. Throughout the existence of the universe, it will grow because of objects (both spiritual and physical) it has attracted. Those objects were attracted for various reasons but never the less they were attracted to you!
Some of those objects may grow bright with time. Showing us wonderous things with its light. Others may appear in a bright ball of light and burn out rapidly, showing us only a brief glimpse of something.
Some may trail off to some distant point and shine on for what seems eternity. Giving us things to remember and reflect upon. While other may have shown up with a loud noise and disappeared without a trace.
But no matter what they were, they influenced our growth, the key word there is OUR.
You may and certainly will want to travel with other people(universes). Perhaps even sharing with them certain aspects of your being. But you should remember to make these travels as an independent universe, perhaps in the same orbital path, yet not in the same space.
This is important, not only for your well being but that of everyone in YOUR universe. If you were to be a part of someone elses universe, dependent upon them for what ever reason, and then should they run into a caotic time, this may not only damage or even destroy them but you as well. That also means those that are in your universe. If on the other hand you are able to help this other being from outside of their universe, then even if they were destroyed, you could be there to lend them some needed help with your strength in tact.
A mentor once told me that " you must learn when TO help and when NOT to help. To balance wisdom with compassion".